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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Putting the "fine" in late fines...

So, I've got a classmate who has a nice driver's license photo. She's giving a look which is definitely "hot librarian"-- looking down over glasses just so. Which course chaps my hide, since after a run of imho cute license pics, my last one looks like I've fallen out of an oil tanker on the freeway at 80mph, most of that on MY FACE. All kinds of greezy and tow-up.

Anyway, enough about that card (which I swear, I will conveniently lose and have to replace once my hair grows out), let's get back to the HotLib phenomena. When I was a "cubicle jockey" in The Bay when I was all about the slacks, pumps, slim jackets and such. And now that I've slipped into a uniform of graphic t, jeans and $10buckwannabechucks, I miss those chic-er, sleeker days.

Didn't know the extent of my longing until I saw these:

And the frugality persists, as the ones on the left are knockoffs. Hell-o!

I wish I could rock these. But I lack the occassion...and the nerve, frankly. Oh, and the gams. I got more calves* than a dairy, y'all.

I'm no fashionista. Yes, there are MUCH more important things in life, but sometimes I just feel like I need to "step up my game", for myself. As much as I love those first wonderful summer days, fall can't come soon enough for me. The kicky jackets, the boots, hats and leather gloves? Bring 'em.

*If you reading this, sweetie, I know you still digs them. God bless yer blind ass.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hair Warrior

As seen walking down the street near school. Like a black Marge Simpson. Fantastic.

Now, if they are training the next wave of "Hair Warriors"
at school, then I take back what I said earlier. Okay, they're still kinda scary, but I respect a talent for the audacious.

There was an episode of "The Pursuit of Excellence" on PBS about an international hairstyling comp. that *wasn't* hair wars, but entertaining anyway.(A team of born-again Christian hairstylists? Unexpected!). Did anyone watch this series? Basically one hour documentaries about competitions-- the synchronized swim team at Santa Clara U., Midwestern ferret shows, the aforementioned hairstylists. I tend to love this particular doc genre (and comedies in the same vein), mostly because the good ones move you beyond obvious humor to a place of respect... whatever weird thing they do, they love it, they want to be the best at it, or at the least better than they are now, bless 'em. Good stuff.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sketches from Tahoe

Chipmunk & Squirrel.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smithers, release the...chipmunks?

As seen on my recent trip to Tahoe.

Went up to clear a fire-line around my friend's cabin. Good shots, kinda nice hike afterwards, but if I ever see a rakel and pine needles again I'ma gunna scream.

Sketches, of course, forthcoming.

ETA: Okay, I accidentally combined a "shovel" and "rake" which resulted in "rakel" above. Or "giant spork". Which frankly would be AWESOME.

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Friday, September 07, 2007


One good thing about trekking through campus is people watching. Saw this lovely lady getting a ride home from school. In the sea of jeans and t-shirts, she definitely stood out. That's the way to rock an end of summer look.

Another take. Full disclosure: there was no mp3 player. I'm just on a "drawing people with headphones" kick.

On a side note, I visit on the regular. Nevermind I'm not black. She's a good read, she features positive female role models, she's a Jill Scott stan (hello!), and in-between the make-up & music reviews she'll bring up news stories that haven't gotten mainstream coverage. You know how sometimes you pick up a beauty mag and you feel guilty about it afterwards? Afrobella's the antidote.

Is there an AsianBella out there?

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ch-check-checked it out.

My Man and me (and his friends) caught the show two weeks ago.
Beasties @ Berkeley Review.

MCA is some kinda Mr. Rodgers Jr. And it works for him.

Ad-Rock came dressed as Kevin Pollack on Season 1's "Celebrity Poker Showdown."

Mike D. The Jew Fro. He's one house coat and 10 cats away from being her.

First hiphop show where there wasn't ENOUGH bass, at least to my ears all the way up in the The Grown Folks section (again). Oh, and props to the drunk old white dude who was dragged out of said section while yelling "Play 'Girls'!" over. And over. Nice.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ima bout to cut a bitch...'s hair.

Actually, I'm not sure what cosmetologists do (Is is hair, right? Make up, too?), but I do know that the cosmo students at my school scare the beeejeeebus out of me.

At least I hope they are cosmetology. Could they be nurses? "You'd better heal up or I WILL HURT YOU."

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