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Thursday, July 27, 2006

And Mr. Jackson

Did those snakes deserve to die?

See? This is why the man carries a wallet w/ BMF on it FOR REAL.

More from ComicCon
Kevin Smith
I said it once, I'll say it again: the man's movies are quotable, but not watchable. But he gives good interview.


I'm sorry, Ms. Jackson

I'm not feeling it.

(Yah, it's a music post. Deal with it.)

Okay. Despite the fact that one Halloween I dressed like Janet Jackson from the "Allright" video, I'm not her biggest fan. Still, out of curiosity I checked Janet's new video to see how "The emaciation of JJ" is going. Well if Mariah can come back...

Verdict? Blech. Hype Williams apparently rented "The Cell" recently. Speaking of Halloween, drop the costumes, please.
The song? Flaming pile of meh. Oh Ms. Jackson...

IMO, she does best on upbeat dance tracks w/(over)production that makes up for her thin voice, or here and here, where that softness is an asset, smoothing out over the down-tempo/chill vibe. That's how I like Janet-- clean and sexy. I hope some of that is in the new album.

But I doubt it.

And yah, Mr. Potato head is JD. It ain't right, but it's okay.


Monday, July 24, 2006

And now, My "Cathy" Moment

T-4 days to the wedding, I tried on my party dress...

... and encountered the Ghosts of BBQs past.

(After looking at this entry again I'm totally back to the "Quit Your Bitching." mindest, so screw it. I'm a proud member of team jelly belly. Big frakking deal!)

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Cosplay 2006

Miss Japan, 1st Runner-Up in Miss Universe contest (yes, on the LEFT*). If the winner, Miss Puerto Rico, "fails to meet her duties" due to apparent sepuku...

In other news, Capcom mulls Miss Universe fighter videogame. Features may include hair- pulling attack combos, unlockable outfits & accesories, highly unrealistic "bounce" physics.

RIGHT, image courtesy of Capcom's Onimusha 2.

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Friday, July 21, 2006


I got a haircut. Finally.

My vietnamese (cuz they are good!) hairstylist tilts my head up, gives a look then asks:
"You missing something?"

The hell? My wallet? My brain?
Me:"You not full asian are you?"
She:"OH, yes, I'm filipina. Ohhhh! 'Am I mixed or something?'" [Laughter from both]

So endeth that awkward moment, only to be quickly followed by another.

Me:"Can you cut another inch off?"
She:(Sigh)"Okay, I cut your hair second time."

Woah, shoot, now, I don't want to piss off no vietnamese lady with shears to my head. I could tell I hit a nerve. With a bit of coaxing, find out last night right at closing time(9pm) some woman came in asking for "a simple trim" then halfway through changed her mind and wanted something "fantasy!" and essentially got a whole different haircut.

Me:"What kind of style?"
She:(eye roll)"Some stupid simple style."*

Insult to injury! We had a good laugh over that. I jokingly threatened to ask her to cut my hair for a third time. She threatened to give me The Rachel she'd alluded to earlier.

That exchange was worth a nice tip. Cut? Good! Convo! Good!
You don't have to be my therapist, nor gossip with your coworker while cutting my hair. Little chat, little cut, dunzo.

Hell, she could be stone silent as long as I got this haircut. Third week of 100+ degree weather. Yay.

* "You missing something!" and "Some stupid style!" will be my go-to insults of the summer.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Okay, kinda busy so don't have a doodle. However, here's your daily dose of cute:
"Hug" Salt and Pepper

This site's pretty tight, as a lot of their stuff is recycled. I'm digging the typewriter key necklaces as a gift for any of your writer friends.

Okay, back to the catcave! (aka my dark home office where the 10lb sac of rotato is hiding from this too hot day)

Friday, July 07, 2006

KWDT Part the 6th
"Cat with ear mites"

and 7th

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Crappiest Place on Earth

So I'll regale you with how niiiiiiiiiiice my 4th was soon. ITMT my friend just came back from LA, and reports that Disneylandia has gotten ghetto. And don't start-- "ghetto" crosses all colors, so across the board kids are acting rowdy and wrong. Man, if I was a parent I wouldn't stand for that mess. "ACT RIGHT, child! This is DISNEYLAND, this ain't Six Flags!". Course, now that Six Flags is going up on the sale block (because the crowds are more dangerous than the rides), guess where they'll end up going: The "happiest" place on Earth.

Anyway, as I listened, aghast, I hatched a plan for all the national guardsmen and women who might need temporary employment after their tours end.

"I'm secret service."
"For The White House?"
"No, The Mouse House."


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Big Leg Girls of the World UNITE

AH summer, I'm loving it. Run and hide, skinny b!tches!

In the cans: Fela Kuti