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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Okay, feeling a wee bit better.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

The reason I look sh!ttier than usual.

I've had the same sinus headache 1 whole week
Lord. It's been longer than a week, but the pressure these past 7 days has been intense. It's a nasal migraine. Not like a baby elephant. Like grown one. That's sitting on my head. After eating dark matter. I've got dark circles so large I'm officially a panda.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Me? I'm not.

I'm not the Crashhappy listed on several MMORPG forums. Yes, I am geek. No, I'm not a D&D geek. Tho there's nothing wrong with that. I know 20-sided die throwers. More power to them. And...hit points.

I'm not Crashhappy from the RC forums. Tho I did get those japanese mini-rc cars as a gift. What? Subura wrx. I blame InitialD.

I'm not Crashhappy from any car-modding sites. Tho I can see why that'd be a popular username.

* * *
I'm going to turn this back into a doodleblog as I'd first intended eons ago. It's devolved into a music review blog. That's all.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sketchcrawling w/ Critters

Wither that extra hour Saturday night, folks? Unfortunately I used mine to read "a few pages" of this book and unfortunately didn't put it down until WAY past my bedtime. Yes, I know there's a movie, but I'm on this reading kick lately. Nice change from software manuals. I'm on shelfari, too, if anyone wants to share reading lists.

So Sunday I barely got my red-eyed ass outta bed and down to the 16th (and my second) Sketchcrawl.

I think the last time I went to the zoo to sketch(in SF? Or San Jose, I can't recall) I was way looser, everything was 2min, gestural, more dynamic. This time there were a lot more sitting "poses", not animals in motion as much as repose.

In particular, I spent more time than usual rendering that orangutan. He was the last animal I sketched. The sun was high in the sky, casting hard shadows on the this massive oran who almost dwarfed the large hot rock he leaned wearily against, while a smaller oran sat near and distractedly picked at the elder's matted hair. I stood there, squinting at the sun reflecting on the pad, drawing, trying to tease out the tiny eyes flanked and shaded by all that old, heavy flesh, and therein... man, just something so sad and heavy, as if he'd long forgotten exploring lush canopies, and resigned himself to sitting in the sun, and look through all the pink, hairless standing monkeys before him. Infinitely tired.

Okay, maybe that tragic impression was aided my my sleep addled brain on a breakfast of diet coke, but for a time I felt kinda awful that he was in that zoo at all. Yes, it's better than being poached or hunted, but that zoo seemed just too small for him.

Or her. I didn't exactly check.

But do check Sketchcrawl.Com. Enjoy!

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