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Friday, June 30, 2006

KWDT Part... where are we? 5 now?

Kids supposed to write about cat with "ear mites".

*No, a kid didn't write the bottom one, but that's where my mind went next.

In other news, how's this for Nintendo's ubiquitous marketing machine: My MOM mentioned Brain Age to me.

HUH? Wow.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

KWDT Part 4

As in "the cat was vishush".
Not that is not a cat. That's a bit of Naruto sneaking in. Wouldn't that be a kickass ninja power. Very handy in the movie theater.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kids Write the Darndest Things - 3rd

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kids Write the Darndest Things - 2nd in a series

I am guessing they meant "mauling".

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Kids Write the Darndest Things - 1st in a series

Inspired from student essays. That's all I can tell you. In my defense I recreated my doodles notes at home from memory. They are about an inch tall IRL, and I've got pages full of them. AND I still manage to get my job done. Thank god.

Wow. I'm getting paid to draw. Kinda. Be careful what you wish for, cuz God will give it to you, one way or another.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thank you, Herr Doctor.*

*Someone wants to watch Young Frankestein again.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nodding off!

I'm nodding my noggin so much w/ the new toons I should be a bobblehead.

Ways, I'm figuring out how to balance my gnarly 6am work commute sked w/ my at home freelance work. At least that means I've been able to get back on the net a dig up some new tunes to work to. Yah, it's probably the same ish you've seen floating around the web. I'll link when time permits... or figure out how to set up a radioblog.

Joi - Dance with Yesterday

Must thank one soulful negro for this. I have a couple of Joi tracks from the mid-90s that I was "meh" on, but this Prince-inspired track (Happy belated birthday, you sexy MFer) brings back good memories. And I'm feeling Joi's new album (check that woman is DIRTY. In a wonderful way.

ASIDE: why isn't there room in the hiphop landscape for a smart + stanky singer? By "stanky" I mean raw sexy. Ferile drive, furtile mind. Female rappers seem to get their thang on, but there's little balance. It's all wannabe pornstar, and bedroom skills bragadocio, but if they flipped in on the next rack and spit real about love, you wouldn't buy it, literally or figuratively. On the other hand R&B Beyonce-chics sell a safe "sexy" that never gets gritty-- the real funk that can come from a grown ass woman's relations, both sexual AND emotional. Maybe it's the "woman" part. You have to live it to some extent to put it on wax, and no 18 year old with middlin' pipes can convey that. Joi has that experience. AND still fiercly holds on to her sexuality, unlike her peers Erykah and Jill, whom I both love, but are of the "sensual-earthmother-sistafriend" mode. Now I'm not saying Joi's perfectly fills this void between the two extremes, but she's close.

The Roots - Don't Feel Right
Honestly? I kinda agree with the title. You'd think the "Jungle Boogie" sample would work, but they don't do enough with it. Still, it's The Roots. Support quality hiphop *.

YMCK - Does John Coltrane Dream of a Merry-go-round?
WTF? If Mario, Luigi, Coltrane. It's strangely wonderful. Also, OMG why do I want a DS Lite so much!?!?!

Christina Aguilera - No Other Man
Yah, I know between this and the Nelly F. confession I've lost my cred. Listen, the horn section feels ripped from a boogaloo joint, and that is a good thing. Also, when Christina has to work w/in the confines of an uptempo song she cuts back on the melismarama, THANK GOD. Now if she'd just step away from the bleach bottle and this nth generation Jane Mansfield look...

Sidestepper - Paloma

Must. See. Them. Live.
I haven't been to a good danceable latin show in a minute. Fingers crossed I'll check them in the city at the end of this month. Need to get my sweat on. Tu sabes!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
Bombombombombombombomb dehdun dehdun dehdun dedum.

*Says the girl who can't afford to see them in concert tonight. GRRARGH.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Suburban Petting Zoo: 1st in a series

My commute takes me from suburbia to these country backroads (the freeways are too busy-- this once "small town" now has a LONG rush hour). So I spend an hour in that weird transitional landscape, where wild animals, powerlines and car exhaust meet. As seen mere feet from my window, backlit jackrabbit ears glowing in the sun.

OH yesterday was Prince's birthday. Once I figure speedyshare, I'll upload something tomorrow in his honor.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What my cat, Roro, looks like sitting at my feet right now...

Getting a little pudge-y.
ETA: Poopycat, that is