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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My mom's logic "tighter curl will last forever" didn't ease my troubled 3rd grade mind. I'd be the only asian girl at the corner store shopping for a do-rag and soul glo.

Monday, September 20, 2004

"It's funny 'til someone gets hurt... then it's hilarious".

Huh. Guess not! Knock on wood it was nothing serious.
Things I learned waiting six hours in a hospital.
1)If all the filipino nurses in the U.S. disappeared, our healthcare system would crumble.
2)The day you wear your most uncomfortable shoes is the day you'll do the most pacing.
3)Hi-heel boots strain your shin muscles. So now I have sore, but rock hard shins. Why can't they come up with shoes that force you to tighten something more important, like your ass?
4)Drive quickly to the hospital. Drive slowly from it.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

This isn't me. I've forgotten how to swim. I'll try to remember...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Better then Michelin Stars...

I realize there's stuff I look for in certain asian resturants that would scare health inspectors. Sticky floors? Check. Typo on the menu? Check and OOOH typo on the first line, no less! Rotating fan set on "gale force", suitable for aerodynamic vehicle testing? Check. Waitress with an attitude rivaling the Soup Nazi? Oh yes. Prepare to get your grub on. Cuz they certainly are not putting money into the ambiance. All the effort goes straight into the food. Where it should be.

The only exception is japanese. I like my sushi place old school: CLEAN, no pink neon, no blaring-jpop, no sake bombing college kids. Sticky floors and raw fish? Are you insane?
Speaking of japanese food*...

When I feel the need to get my asian grub on but don't want to do a resturant, there's chinese market that just opened up nearby. Complete with fresh fish in tanks. I saw a caucasian father take his son there like is was a zoo. Made me smile as he eagerly asked what each fish was, and his father replied with equal vigor. Reminded me of shopping with my mom in similar stores, back in the day.

Just keep him away from the tilpia tank. Lot of "sideways swimmers". Weird ones that have spent too much time in captivity and mutated. The ones they can't sell fresh, so they fry them up and sell them for a dollar, and as my friend pays for the fish I whisper "you know yer gonna eat 'old-no-eyes' that we saw last week, right?" Yum.

*from 35 degrees. Two aussies in Japan. She's a great photog, too. Check it out.

Edited: Check out pho-king. Get past the kinda goofy url and find a pho place near you. My personal fav: Pho #1 - 5025 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara. Will check out the suggestions in Sacramento soon...

Monday, September 06, 2004

Mmm, you smells that? Fresh music. Tasty.

I finally broke down and bought three cd's at once. That's the most I've ever done outside of christmas, and course those were presents for other people. Yes I felt a bit guilty, but I've been jonesing for the the next Jill Scott (Alicia who?), the new Bjork (course), and Frou Frou, the latter choice mostly cuz of the Garden State soundtrack. That movie had its moments before it hit some false notes at the end. Saw it with this cast of characters:

The King of Cute, who will someday wow the world with this kitty samurai project which will be, yes, cute; the undercover CheerGeeker w/ pom-poms who, in retrospect I could totally see straddling both geek and popular worlds back in the day, and well, me, Ms. Buggy. That's supposed to be a gas mask but it makes me look more like the fly. Feels that way...

Sigh, I can't wait until this whole cat/bug problem is resolved. Poor kitty. All the dips, the sprays, the powders-- I'm sure she thinks she's being punished. It's for your own good! And hell, I think I've absorbed more chemicals than she has. Gah. So I needed my own medicine to get me refocused away from Bug Wars and back on my sh!t. Hence the music purchases. Thanks, doctor!

Oh the un-named gal in that drawing? One of the kawaii smoking girls from the Nara show.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Mental power outage.

She was on the battery powered laptop. He was twiddling on the PDA. I had the TV remote. Then we had a brownout (power goes out in the daytime?). Sadly, *I* was the last one to realize it.

Here's a compass, girl. :-)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ooh, follow up. Colleague put up his portfolio site. Tis so good. Doncha just wanna kill him! Lol. Please check it out! He's quite talented, and I admire his focus. News on another artist/friend who I totally admire...but that's for tomorrow's post.

Hanging on the help boards. Echo echo echo...

On a side note, I'm invited to do a charity run/walk/bike w/ The Sackgals. Dunno if I can raise the entrance fee. That is SO sad on multiple levels.

I'm afraid to turn off the light and see a blue morning sky.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Up next: Show me your erect pixels! But first:

(*I've heard "bling is the diamond shining", but I think that association is because of that chime noise we hear diamonds "make" in the movies. So there.)

Our featured (so so wrong) story:

Video game gals take it off for Playboy

...and why they didn't do this earlier.